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While this definitely sounds good to those of us who are out there spreading the word about Islam, it probably will never happen – and if it does, get ready to see the Netherlands turn into ground zero for Islam’s battle against the west.


A Dutch poll taken February 7 showed his party in third place behind the Christian Democrats and Labour. Three days later, the Brits banned him from the UK. The latest Dutch poll, taken February 28: Wilders’s party 27, Christian Democrats 26, Labour 21.

Well played, Gordon Brown.

“How happy I am about this. These are of course just polls, but it is an enormous sign of confidence from the Dutch voter,” said Mr Wilders.

“As far as I am concerned, elections can be held tomorrow, then I will be the next premier”.

Polling by Maurice de Hond has predicted that the Freedom Party or PVV would take 18 per cent of the vote to win 27 seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament.

This would put Mr Wilders in the position of being a power broker and prime minister in a traditionally complicated Dutch multi-party coalition.

Don’t get too excited: As I understand it, the Dutch typically hold parliamentary elections once every four years and the next one’s not scheduled until 2010. Even so, the prospect of one of Islam’s fiercest critics becoming the leader of a western government is heady stuff. It could only happen in a parliamentary system, I suspect; no European majority would vote for a guy like him for president knowing that his victory would attract the attention of every jihadi filthbag in striking distance. In fact, I wonder if the Islamist threat wouldn’t keep Wilders out of power even if his party did take the most seats in the next election. Unless they won a clear majority, which is unlikely, the other parties would feel intense pressure to keep the terrorist bullseye off their backs by forming a coalition among themselves. Exit question: Can you imagine The One having to receive the creator of “Fitna” at the White House?



Sean Hannity speaks with a man who has visited several of these training camps in the United States. There are up to 35 of these training camps across America. Some locations are in New York, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and as far west as Washington State. These groups continue to exist because federal and state laws protect them. It is pretty unsettling. These groups are a part of an organization called Muslims of America or Jamaat Al-Fuqra. Watch the video at Videos.

The alleged leader of these groups is Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani (Mubrik Ali Shah Jilani). He is thought to be responsible for setting up journalist, Daniel Pearl, to be captured and beheaded.

Click here for more information about Muslims of America.

You can find information on the original documentary from The Christian Action Network here.


Apparently Pakistan, in the interest of “peace” has decided to abandon the people of the Swat Valley to the hands of the Taliban. While they are hoping this will bring peace, they are making this deal at the expense of defenseless citizens. Women, children, and those who oppose this way of life now have no hope and no way out.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The government agreed to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive across a large swath of northwest Pakistan on Monday in concessions aimed at pacifying a spreading Taliban insurgency there.

The announcement came after talks with local Islamists, including one closely linked to the Taliban.

The move will likely concern the United States, which has warned Pakistan that such peace agreements allow Al Qaeda and Taliban militants operating near the Afghan border time to rearm and regroup.

Amir Haider Khan Hoti, the chief minister for the North West Frontier Province, said authorities would impose Islamic law in Malakand region, which includes the Swat Valley. Swat is a one-time tourist haven in the northwest where extremists have gained sway through brutal tactics including beheading residents, burning girls schools and attacking security forces.

He said the laws would only be implemented when the valley was peaceful.

Read the full article at

This is another of the great concessions that are being made to appease radical Islam (if there is such a thing). The struggle for this valley has been going on for some time and perhaps the Pakistani government thinks that this will be the end of it. Hand over thousands of citizens to the mercy of the Taliban of the Swat Valley, notorious for beheading those accused of espionage and even going so far as to dig up dead bodies and hang them, and perhaps there will be peace. The Pakistani government seems to believe that the goal of the Taliban in their country is NOT to control the entire country. Tell that to Benazir Bhutto

If you’re on Facebook, sign up for this group:
Remove Lord Ahmed From The UK House of Lords – Preserve Democracy

Here is a bit of information from their site!

Any person, however ennobled, who threatens to bring a horde of 10,000 Muslims upon Parliament in order to stifle debate and bully it into submission is no ‘moderate’. By threatening this, Lord Ahmed has shown himself to be one of the very extremists he purports to eschew, committed to the same ideology as those who seek to impose Shari’a law upon the UK and subjugate the kuffar to the will of Allah. He is of the very mindset of those imams imported from Pakistan who poison the minds of Britain’s Muslim youth and distort the teachings of the Qur’an for their own warped ends.

Ahmed is an arrogant bully, manifestly used to getting his own way, and he lords it over their Lordships to the extent that his religio-political adherence exhorts him to do so.

Lord Ahmed is quilty of treason.
“If any person whatsoever shall, within the United Kingdom… order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or either House of Parliament… and such compassings, imaginations, inventions, devices, or intentions, or any of them, shall express, utter, or declare, by publishing any printing or writing… or by any overt act or deed, every person so offending shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof shall be liable…to be transported beyond the seas for the term or his or her natural life.”

Lord Ahmed, has not only taken aim at Salmon Rushdie and Dutch MP Geert Wilders for exposing global Islamic Jihad but is openly advocating the arrest of British Jews who support Israel.

Lastly, Ahmed is an apparent murderer.
Ahmed struck 20-year-old Martin Goober on Christmas Day 2007 near the Thorpe Hesley turn-off the M1 in South Yorkshire.

Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard that his use of the phone over 17 miles amounted to a prolonged period of dangerous driving.
Justice Secretary Jack Straw has pledged to bring in new laws allowing peers to be expelled from the House of Lords if they break the law or commit serious breaches of parliamentary rules. Ahmed will be back in criminal court on 25 February.

Lord Ahmed represents Sharia law, not English law.
He is a direct and immediate threat to democracy and freedom in the UK. He must be removed from Parliament.

Please forward this Facebook room to your family, friends and the media. Let them know that Israel wants peace but will defend herself when attacked.”

Here is an interesting video. Hate speech is illegal in Britain, yet it is fine for this bunch to shout “Nuke Denmark” or “May they nuke Denmark so we can take their wives as booty!” But it is NOT fine for a democratically elected politician from a neighboring, peaceful country to come to the country to have a private showing with the British house of lords. Yesterday was a sad day for the west and a sad day for Europe.

Geert Wilders found himself detained and shipped back to the Netherlands without being able to meet with the house of lords though he was invited.

His presence was described by British Foreign secretary, David Milliband, as shouting fire in a crowded building. This horrible analogy doesn’t apply as the Brits will soon come to discover. The reason? It is an even greater crime to not shout fire in a building when the building is actually on fire. Wilders IS shouting fire while Europe burns and the rest of her citizens walk around in politically correct induced comas. Support Geert Wilders and continue the fight for the west. Those of us sitting in our homes thinking that a worldwide caliphate is some sort of unfunny joke might wake up one day to find that it has crept in all around you and there is nothing else you can do about it. It is an assault on the unbeliever. It is not an assault by some poor dejected would-be members of society. Wake up! We are sounding the alarm. There is a wildfire raging in the West and there are few of us willing to fight it.

See Usama Bin Laden’s December 2001 video: ““I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.”

Watch this video to understand a bit more about Geert Wilders and why he is doing what he is doing–at great personal risk to himself.

Great lines from this video:

“Islam is not like another leaf on the tree of religions. It cannot be compared to Judaism or Christianity. In fact, Islam is a totalitarian ideology with no room for anything, but Islam. So it should be compared more with other ideologies like fascism or communism that are exactly the same. And if you speak like that, a lot of people sense that you are right and a lot of people support you, but of course, it’s not politically correct and the majority of the people who are in politics, are in the media, or are intellectuals–it is far easier than to go into a debate with you about really what you mean and what you stand for and label you as some kind of idiot.”

“Our society is changing and it’s not like in the past where of course you remember, we had two more Islamic invasions in Europe in the past . . . but today unfortunately it’s not a conventional war. It’s a war that’s being fought through demographics, through mass immigration.”

“They said, ‘Wilders, you should not make that movie [Fitna].’ Even the Dutch government investigated legally if it was possible to forbid it before [it was released]. Muslim organizations took me to court to outlaw it before and they are still taking me to court today.”

“I also wrote an article in the Dutch press saying, “What if I would have said that I was planning to make a movie about the Bible? What would have happened? Would there be mass demonstrations? Would our embassy be in danger? Would there be the burning of puppets representing me or the Dutch flag? Would the Dutch minister of Foreign affairs warn all the embassies abroad? Would there be demonstrations in Afghanistan against the movie Fitna? Of course the answer is no!”

“The Dutch government consists of cowards like many of the governments in Europe.”

“I always say the biggest disease we face in Europe today is cultural relativism, that people believe, and this was the policy of the Dutch government until today (meaning still today), that all cultures are equal. All cultures are NOT equal.”

“I hope the United States doesn’t wake up one day and say ‘Who the hell lost Europe?’ Who lost Europe in the process? Because, once again, the culture that is based on Judaism, Christianity, Humanism, on the foundations of Jerusalem and Rome are gone and [turned] Islamic, it’s lost . . . and don’t think what we thought a long time after 9/11, that what happens on one continent, cannot happen on the other continent . . . if you don’t help your European friends that DO stand up against Islamisation, it will come to America even more than it is today. So, be stronger against the Islamisation! Fight against the jihad! Fight against the Shari’a! Fight against immigration from certain countries, the founding of Islamic groups and institutions in your country. It is all happening today and even though I have a lot of respect for my American friends, I don’t see the sense of urgency within the American political elite today either, with of course one or two exceptions.”

“Know about the concept of takia, that Muslims can lie are allowed to lie, sometimes even according to the Qu’ran even ordered to lie and when they are getting stronger, when the Islamic culture is being more dominant, it doesn’t even have to be a majority of your country, your country WILL change. You will lose your freedom, you will lose your freedom of speech. You will lose everything.”

The new president of the United States has chosen the “high road” by starting the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay thus signaling to the world, there are few consequences for attacking our citizens, withholding information that could save lives or collaborating with the enemy. Our Cultural Relativist in Chief has decided that if we treat them right, perhaps they will treat us right. Maybe President Obama should listen to what our enemies are telling us:


Peshawar, Jan 31 : Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat chief Maulana Fazlullah has said Islam recommends slitting the throat of a man if he is charged with espionage, adding that this is also the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions acted upon this.

Fazlullah was replying to allegations that the Taliban slits throats of people and even digs up dead bodies of men from graves and then hangs them.

Fazlullah is only one of the many Islamists calling for the mistreatment or even gruesome murder of their enemies (namely us). Many of those voices are much louder than Fazlullah and the implementation of these ideas have been going on since Islam began. Islam apparently takes no prisoners, unless they may be useful as slaves or willing to convert to Islam. If a U.S. soldier comes upon an unarmed suspect, he has a pretty good chance of being captured, put in jail with air conditioning, three meals a day, a Qu’ran, given the ability to pray whenever he wants to, and receive a lawyer – all at the U.S. taxpayer’s expense. However, if a U.S. soldier or agent is captured, he is murdered, beheaded, mutilated, or worse. Perhaps the U.N. should look into berating the Taliban instead of arguing that one of our soldiers threw a Qu’ran in the toilet. They certainly didn’t say anything when a crucifix submerged in urine was funded by taxpayer dollars and upheld as artwork.

I am not sure if even President Obama knows what his plan is. So far, to the Muslim world he has said, “We’ll play nice and if you decide not to, we will give you a very violent slap on the wrist!”

Maulana Fazlullah is known as one of Pakistan’s most wanted terrorists. In 2007, he established a parallel government in 59 villages of Pakistan’s Swat valley with the help of over 4,000 militants. Ultimately the region was conceded to Fazlullah and his Taliban forces in exchange for peace in the region. This treaty was broken by Fazlullah not long after.

Today, Pakistan has sent over 20,000 troops to the Swat Valley in order to restore order. The parallel Shari’a government setup by Fazlullah seems still alive and well with many people afraid to continue their regular jobs, receiving little protection from the Pakistani government. The decapitated body of a police officer hanging in the streets reminds people of the real law in the Swat Valley. 54 have been killed so far. Pakistan is going to have to press harder and keep up the fight against the Taliban in their country. It is one area where the fight against the people has been bitter and effective.


It appears the Obama administration is already causing a blackout of information. On the sliding scale of “justice” I would say a media black out on bio-terror would have to be criminal.

The U.S. media has been stabbing the people in the back for some time now and it seems ultimately they would like us to be a bunch of sitting ducks. I am considerably more interested in proof that terrorists are working on biological weapons than the latest Oscar fashion faux pax. While their coverage of the incoming Obama administration has been an obamination, it would have been difficult to fathom that they were seeking the actual demise of our nation, completely. After all, if we are all dead, who is going to sit around all day doing what they tell us to do?

Oliver Guitta of the Middle East Times reports on an Al-Qaida training camp in Tizi Ouzou (Algeria) that has been fiddling with, of all things, the Plague:

In the middle of the massive coverage of U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration, a rather troublesome news story emerged. Unfortunately, it failed to get the coverage it deserves. If confirmed, it deserves the full attention of the Obama administration: the story has to do with bio-terrorism.

The story began with a Jan. 6 report in the Algerian newspaper Echorouk that a number of terrorists had died of the plague in one of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) training camps in Tizi Ouzou. Another Algerian newspaper En-Nahar, affirmed that 50 terrorists have been diagnosed with the plague, 40 of whom have already died.

Read the full article here.

While this bunch of backyard geneticists has literally been killing themselves to find an ironic way to strike western civilization, we have been having the Obama pulled over our eyes. “That’s right folks, don’t watch what my left hand is doing!” the media seems to say.

While BHO is on his middle east tour, we can definitely assume that he, and the media will be putting a messianic twist on every word he says, though his approval ratings dropped about 15 points upon his entrance to office. (Apparently, just being the president is unfavorable. We can add another 15 points to GWB’s exit ratings to level it out a bit). My fear is not that these ideas will be beyond President Obama and the U.S. media, but rather, in the interest of salvaging their true world view, they will ignore all of the facts until one day, our new president will be sitting there enjoying a story at one of our overfunded and underperforming, public schools when suddenly his eyes give us that terrified stare. The message will come, Mr. President, the U.S. is under attack. But by then, Mr. President, it will already be too late.

The Evidence is Mounting . . .

Here is an amazing video. Please watch it to really be amazed. If you read the book, The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims, edited by Andrew G. Bostom, MD, you will find commentary on a massive collection of Muslim texts showing this pattern of “creeping shari’a” to be the original playbook of Islam. It has been used for centuries and today, we see it still continues to be used. Please watch this video, before, like all amazingly useful pieces of information these days, it disappears.

The Video:What Islam is Not.

I terribly wish I could embed this video! Sorry about the outside link!

Please also add this book to your collection. I have found it to be a wealth of historical information that has been invaluable. Use it as a reference book. The facts cannot be ignored!

The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims

Pat Condell is a liberal activist for many issues including gay rights and freedom to worship. He is stunned by the Geert Wilders situation, and puts the issue into perpective.

This is an awesome statement! Thank you Pat Condell! Here is one place, one issue, one concern where liberals and conservatives definitely have a common ground. Freedom has been bred into the culture of the west, however, our forefathers had to fight for it. Now, we again, liberty’s children, must make a stand like those great men and women have throughout history. Please stand up and support Geert! Don’t be silent. Every time we remain silent is a retreat. The only thing that can happen when we retreat, is that the enemy advances!

Thanks to one of my facebook friends for sending this video around!


I posted a message earlier about Khalid Yasin, the radical Muslim preacher who has used derogatory terms to describe gays and lesbians as well as his constant hateful preaching about western culture and people. In light of Geert Wilders being prosecuted for hate speech, I think it is fair to say that men like Yasin should be further barred from entering the country. After all, it’s only fair.


Yasin is not the only man who needs to be silenced. Dutch Imam, Amhed Salam has been credited with such offenses as, refusing to shake the hand of the Dutch Immigration Minister because she was a woman and telling all Muslims in Holland that they must not pay taxes in order to harm the Dutch state. But, apparently, these crimes are much less offensive than what Geert Wilders has done by warning his countrymen about the dangers of Islamisation. While Geert will be standing trial, it is almost guaranteed that these men will be walking free and continuing their true hate speech.

Click here to read Read More »

Please repost! repost! repost! Thanks soooo much to everyone who has put on their armor and joined in this war!

(Information on how to help and support Geert and the Dutch Freedom Party financially can be found here: Suport Geert!)

I hope you all haven’t tired of this battle yet. It has actually only just begun. Think about the wars of our time and of the past. They went on for years. Geert might always be fighting for his life, but every effort we make means he will no longer have to fight for his freedom of speech. We can do this! If we all band together and show our true passion about freedom, WE CAN DO THIS! Please don’t tire of this battle! Please give it your attention! Talk about it! Email people, post stories, donate, write! Whatever you can do! This is the front line of the war! We’ve got to be strong and constant!


I appreciate everyone who has been spreading around the information about Geert for me. While he needs massive financial support, another way we can help is by showing our disgust. If we can spread this around and get many people writing and calling about this situation, it would be awesome. We need to show them how disgusted we are at what is being done. Please start emailing as much as you have time for and calling as many people as you can! Geert’s life and the Dutch Freedom Party are on the line! If we can save a man’s life, we should do it. If it only takes an email of outrage or a phone call or two, we should do it. Chaiya has sent me this information via Atlas Shrugged.

Please pick a few addresses or phone numbers to call and share your disgust over what is happening to free speech in the west. You can bet that they are not going to be happy to hear from you, but I am sure the British were never happy to hear from George Washington. This is how freedom is won! By people standing up and standing out for what they believe in and WE BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH! If we let it die anywhere in the west, the cancer will grow and spread to our homeland. Many of our “Ameripean” politicians already want us to be more like Europe and they are changing things FAST! Please support Geert’s plight before they decide free speech (and it’s already here folks trust me) is not allowed in our own countries!!

Below are email addresses and phone numbers. I have put stars next to the ones that I think will probably make the most impact, but if you want to email all of them, do it! Phone calls for those who have time and the resolve would be great. Having things in writing though are going to be good. I intend to email these folks every day until Geert is free to do what he needs to do – keep fighting the good fight against radical Islam!

Click here to read Read More »

Cartoon protests in Holland

Cartoon protests in Holland

This is definitely a hard hitting video. Geert talks about the Islamisation of the Netherlands and towards the end, there are great comments by Pat Robertson about the Dar al-Islam, the house of Islam or house of submission. You are either in the Dar al-Islam or you are in the house of war.

I have had friends visit the Netherlands and they tell me they never see any of these things, but the truth is, this is the same thing you’ll see in Paris. Where tourists typically dwell, you do not see the things behind the curtains. I think of it as an entire country putting on a massive show, keeping their dark secrets hidden away while they fester and grow into cancers that are soon beyond a cure. This is a great video. Wilders is an advocate for Jewish and Christian culture though not being a Christian himself. Some may find that hard to accept, but Wilders is fighting the good fight whether he is or not.

Full story at: The Examiner

“It boggles the mind to imagine it: a lawmaker in a Western country being brought up on what amounts to criminal blasphemy charges.“

That’s Rod Dreher at the Dallas Morning News, blogging about the Dutch government’s decision to prosecute a member of its own Parliament, Geert Wilders, for “hate speech.”

Wilder’s crime was to produce a short movie called “Fitna”, which juxtaposes passages from the Koran with footage of the 9/11 attacks and other atrocities perpetrated by self-described Muslim terrorists.

Wilders is charged with “inciting hatred and discrimination,” even though, as free speech advocate Ezra Levant points out, hatred is a feeling, and feelings shouldn’t (and realistically can’t) be criminalized.

“As his film shows, this largely amounts to quoting the Koran accurately and reporting the statements of Muslim organizations and their supporters, many of which can’t be repeated here.

“Wilders is in fact guilty of nothing but resisting the Islamicization of Europe and the attempt to impose Sharia law on the West. Suppressing all criticism of and debate about Islam is part of that move. Free speech and Sharia law are incompatible.”


Adding insult to injury, today the Netherlands Justice Minister approved a visit by American Muslim Khalid Yasin, explaining that “everyone in the Netherlands has freedom of speech, provided they respect the rule of law.”

Clearly, however, there is a double standard at work in the Dutch legal system. Like an troublingly large number of African-Americans, Yasin believes that AIDS was created by “white” governments as a biological weapon against blacks. Accusations of “genocide” are serious legal and political business; in fact, they could very likely “incite hatred”…

Yasin’s also been quoted as saying:

“There’s no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend. If you prefer the clothing of the kafirs over the clothing of the Muslims, most of those names that’s on most of those clothings is faggots, homosexuals and lesbians…The Koran gives a very clear position regarding homosexuality, lesbianism and bestiality — that these are aberrations, they are immoralities and if they are tried, convicted, they are punishable by death.”

Meanwhile, over in Austria, another politician has been charged with “incitement” and “humiliating a religion” for calling Mohammed “a pedophile.”

Full story at: The Examiner

Apparently this is okay:

But a citizen standing up for the defense of an entire country, the entire culture even – is not.


I have been working on getting the information out there so that we could really get behind Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party in the Netherlands. The situation is very serious and Mr. Wilders is being accused of hate speech against Muslims. The U.N. secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, even came out against Geert! Has the world gone mad?!?!?

“Mr Wilders’ views constitute a criminal offence. [He] has insulted Islamic worshippers by attacking the symbols of the Islamic faith,” the court stated, referring to his comparison of the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Excerpt from: Web India

Not only are they trying to rid themselves of Geert, they are attempting to destroy the Freedom Party, the only party not receiving government funds. Once the Freedom Party is out of the way, Geert, even if not thrown in jail, will have no money for his protection. His life is constantly threatened. I am asking everyone to come out and support the party AND Geert’s defense. This will ensure his protection and his ability to continue speaking out about radical Islam and its very real danger to the west.


Below is a message I have received from the Middle East Forum. They have been advising Mr. Wilders and have also set up a defense fund for him. Please read below on how to contribute to this fund so that the Freedom Party and Geert’s freedom can continue!

Dear [Flaming Blog]

We are extremely glad to hear that you’re working to gather support for Geert Wilders, indeed for freedom of speech itself. The Legal Project has been working with him for quite some time, and has established a legal defense fund that people may donate to by mailing to the below address – making the check out to the Middle East Forum and specifying that the donations are for Geert Wilders’ court costs. Donations to The Legal Project are processed through the Middle East Forum (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; contributions are tax deductible.) Tax-ID 23-774-9796, approved April 27, 1998.

The Legal Project
1500 Walnut Street
Suite 1050
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Money sent in this fashion will go directly to help defray Wilders’ court costs – which will most certainly be substantial.

Thank you,
A. Meyer


No matter the amount, it will all be helpful!

A message from the Lord on the power of little gifts:
The Widow of Zarephath

8 Then the word of the LORD came to him, 9 “Arise, go to(E) Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow there to feed you.” 10 So he arose and went to(F) Zarephath. And when he came to the gate of the city, behold, a widow was there(G) gathering sticks. And he called to her and said, “Bring me a little water in a vessel, that I may drink.” 11 And as she was going to bring it, he called to her and said, “Bring me a morsel of bread in your hand.” 12 And she said,(H) “As the LORD your God lives, I have nothing baked, only a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a jug. And now I am gathering a couple of sticks that I may go in and prepare it for myself and my son, that we may eat it and die.” 13 And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said. But first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me, and afterward make something for yourself and your son. 14 For thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘The jar of flour shall not be spent, and the jug of oil shall not be empty, until the day that the LORD sends rain upon the earth.'” 15 And she went and did as Elijah said. And she and he and her household ate for many days. 16 The jar of flour was not spent, neither did the jug of oil become empty, according to the word of the LORD that he spoke by Elijah.

Thank you for your support of this brave man!

I am hopefully going to be posting an in depth look at the differences and links between the various Islamic terror and political (also known as terror) groups soon. So if you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between Hamas, the Mujahideen, and Hizbollah, I hope you’ll check back soon. I also hope to cover the details of their actions and interests. Some groups want Israel gone, some groups have more global exploits. Until then, I hope you’ll keep up with the recent attacks in India. The Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility. Go figure!

Click on the pictures below to link to some news stories:

It’s been a rough week for the people of India. 45 people have been killed and more injured. The Mujahideen has claimed responsibility and it’s almost certainly over the polling a few days ago. Indians went to the poll to confirm their interest in Nuclear ties with the United States. . . smart people. However, they are paying for that vote now. These attacks came almost instantly after the votes. References have been made to other issues that the group would be frustrated over, but it is clear the message they are sending. This time it was too much. This is the real problem. For instance, Hamas touted itself as a political group. Well, political groups change things politically. Unfortunately, this only works for them if they are having their way. “If you guys give us what we want, we’ll play by the rules, but the minute you vote against our agenda or make agreements with the west, we’ll kill you.” All of these groups need to make it plain to the rest of the world, whether they are a terrorist group or a political group, it’s already clear to me but there is a lot of retardation going on in the rest of the world. We need to pray for India. I don’t know that they have the ability to fight this problem seriously. The other interesting thing is that they will almost assuredly be in more conflict with Pakistan over this. We just have to wait and see.

Here are more photos:

Heads in the sand . . .

I am sitting here wondering if there is a breaking point for Americans, for Europe, for the west in general. What would it take for the west to be concerned. Perhaps we have short term memory loss and we can’t hold major events in our minds from moment to moment.

Perhaps, like so many college aged youths learning about America from socialist or communist professors, the west has stopped realizing what freedom is. What would it take for us to be concerned about the climate of international affairs? I don’t think that question has an answer but I want to start asking every person I meet, what would it take for them to become concerned. At what point would they pick their heads up out of the sand and pay attention to something other than their own internal turmoil of self-hatred?

Somedays it’s so confusing. Here is what really should make your head stick up out of the ground.


That number is the number that should be haunting Europe right now. It is the number that should send Europeans to their therapists. The number that you can’t handle. 1.2 should be very scary to Europeans. That is the number of children per couple that anglo-Italians are having. 1.3 for the Greeks. 1.1 for Spain and that’s not all. Fertility rates of Europeans all over has dropped and some of them, like these numbers I’ve just listed, have reached what has been called the point of no return.

How is this related to radical Islam?

Consider this. The vast majority of people practicing Islam in Europe have not been assimilated into their host country’s culture. They have not become Italians, Greeks, Norwegians, French, or Spanish. They have not learned the language in most cases. They have not adopted an ability to work within the educational system. The ones who choose to send their children to school have all but separated them by requiring separate classes from the “infidels”, refusing to participate in state supported activities such as swimming and track. Assimilation has not been even an afterthought. Not only that, but their ideology is spreading amongst European youths (you know those kind we have over here sportin’ the Che Guevara shirts). NOT ONLY THAT, but their anti-semitism is sparking anti-semitism in these people as well. In countries like Norway, this anti-semitism has sparked previously forgotten white supremacy! If you don’t know your history . . . that’s what they say. You’re doomed to repeat it.

So you have a recipe for disaster:

1.2 + Increased unassimilated Muslim influx + conscientious ignorance of the native western populations = (adpated from the popular radical imam and Islamic president cry) Death to the West!

Why does the lack of assimilation even matter?

When we consider who will be replacing these Europeans that are all but dying out . . . we find America nearly alone in the category of democracy. Perhaps this doesn’t truly matter. We build a strong defense and just let the world be. This is the idea of some. I think others want to go blindly fishing for “nice answers” from our foes in an attempt to bring world peace. Personally, I believe world peace is going to happen at some point. The mistake is thinking that it is happening today. We also need to realize what peace means. Ronald Reagan said that peace was not achieved by two powers coming into agreement but by a stronger power subduing a weaker one. If you can find this isn’t true in history, please let me know.

Every concession was based on the fact that one power saw that it was not going to overcome the other. Perhaps they gave in realizing that in peace, it could rebuild and eventually regain. Yet, all strategic thinking on the part of the west about survival is literally non-existent when it comes to our enemies. Our only concern is about global warming. Another western mentality we’re combating is the thought that having children is for our own self-pleasure. Children bring pleasure! Wonderful joy and spice to life! BUT, children are the future. If we don’t have them, we don’t have a future. There are those on the left telling us to not have children. A woman who had 18 children is criticized when, considering the fact that Osama Bin Laden was 27 out of 56 of his father’s children, this woman should have been praised. Now, I know some people are thinking I’m a primitive crazy! That is so funny. We’ve gotten so enlightened that we’ve forgotten how to survive in the real world. We need some new planet to live in Nirvana because the current one is a lot less accommodating to our flower-child ways. One could argue that the destruction of the family unit is another reason we are failing humanity in this area.

Fly a White Flag for the Gipper!

The U.S. has the strongest military in the world. We seem to be confident that it will always be the case. Perhaps we’ll see. It hasn’t taken billions of dollars in funding for radical Muslims to hit America, Europe, and the Middle East where it hurts. However, we sure have lost the realization that high oil prices are pushing the world cashflow into the hands of those who have the desire to arm themselves to fight the infidel. 1.2 and we’re back to the Middle Ages. 1.2 and an ideology shored up in caves becomes a world ideology. 1.2 and we are looking at the last stronghold. We will not be equipped to deal with the consequences of our conscientious ignorance. I find it amazing, the men that sign up for the Military despite all of their social and ethical training that tells them that every strong muscle in their body should be used to hoist high the picket signs on the door steps of the oil companies as opposed to doing what the American Military does and has always done, protect American citizens and even the citizens of the world. If we strangle our fighting men and women now, their spirit and strength might become the dinosaurs of the next era and the world will look a lot more miserable for it.

Consider this: If peace is achieved through one power subduing the weaker power, perhaps peace on earth is not exactly in our best interest . . . especially the way much of our government is promoting it. If we aren’t the superior power, well be the subdued power. [I am sure I’ll be misquoted on that.]

I don’t even have to say anything.  Watch this bit for yourself.  What I will say is that we need to be clear on the fact that there is a lot of “See no evil, hear no evil” (but oddly enough a lot of speaking evil) in the media today.  The NYTimes, a paper that supported Algier Hiss even after the undeniable mountain of evidence was presented that he was a soviet spy, has rejected John McCain’s Opt-ed piece.  Don’t think I’m upset about John McCain’s trials with the NYTimes.  It is just representative of how the left wing media is writing history.

The Pin-pricks of Progression

We are facing dire times these days.  All the signs are there for anyone to read, and no one seems to be paying attention.  Headlines have a sort of foreboding.  I read that Iran is spreading “missionaries” around the globe to convert people (Africa, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Syria . . . ).  I see that a radical Imam is sponsoring an ad campaign on NY subways in an attempt to convert people to Islam.  Yet, when one puts forward the case that Islam is going for world domination, people say, Islam will never unite.

The EU has united much of Europe and now Nicholas Sarkozy, president of France has created a Mediterranean Union.  While these things do not present a United Federation of Planets style government off the bat, they do spell ugly for the future.

Consider this, as these countries get more and more tied in politically falling under one shroud so to speak, isn’t it logical to think that this makes taking over or influencing these governments all the more easy?  Consider this, radical Muslims have taken the long term approach.  Muslim youth have been sighted, walking around the streets of western Europe wearing shirts that say “2030, that’s when we take over.”  If you watched the video above (which I highly recommend), you see that this Islamic leader does not say that this goal of global domination will occur soon.  He says it will not come in our time.  They have long term planning and we can’t even fathom that there is a real threat so we don’t plan.  I’ll also point you to notice that he is not saying that America must pay for what she has done to Islam, he is saying that the reason for Jihad is to spread Islam, to make all bow down and say that Allah is the only God.  I could show this to 100 Liberals and maybe get .5 inquiries to find out further.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  Half the time Conservatives don’t want to be bothered with the messy details either.

Europe has been increasingly falling under the seduction of Islam.  A lack of cultural integration and the all together blinding of the British, French, Norwegian, Dutch, and Spanish populations has caused a lot of problems we don’t even hear about in the U.S. Media.  If you haven’t watched Fitna, scroll down the page and watch it.  It is unsettling.  Shouldn’t we be thinking critically about this.  As one book advised, “Trust in God but lock your car door.”  Sure we’ll offer an olive branch of peace, but just know that there’s an M-16 behind it if you choose to make any sudden moves.  Perhaps this is a catch-22.  Some people say that if we take that sort of approach, people don’t trust us.  It’s sort of like inviting your guest to tea and hiding all the silverware.  Then on the other hand, if your guest has stolen the silverware or blown up the refrigerator, I think you’d better take a more active stance.

In the U.S., we don’t even want to plan for it.  I wonder if Obama is the next president.  Perhaps Nouri Al-Maliki sealed it for him two days ago when he agreed with Obama’s phased withdrawal (Funny how bringing the troops home on day one beat Hillary Clinton’s phased withdrawal plan).  It sure is shaping up to look like it.  Four more months . . . less than that actually.  Three more.  And we’ll see.  Even editorials posted on the Middle Eastern Times have said that Iran is holding off major actions because it might send America to the polls to elect another Republican, specifically the Republican that will hit them where it hurts.  If this is true, what can we expect, day one, of an Obama presidency.  I am the first person to hate to be down on the guy, but his policies look like curtains for America.  This is not as far fetched as it seems.

In Holland, a country that prided itself on personal freedoms, same-sex couples have reported fear at being seen holding hands.  Women who’ve been raped by Muslim males were told by their aggressors that it was their fault for wearing such clothing.  Those same women are told by the police, “Go home.” Britain has allowed over 70,000 court cases to be tried under Shari’a law.  In a sovereign nation of laws, they have allowed someone else to come in and make the law.  Last year, Iran hung three men accused of homosexuality.  France has had an increase in violent anti-semitism and hotspots in the poor areas of Paris popping up as little Shari’a strongholds.  Perhaps that is why they elected conservative President Sarkozy.

Perhaps this is all nothing, but somehow it doesn’t seem like nothing.  The minute we leave Iraq, the real trouble beings.  If I’m wrong, that is fine with me.  I’d rather be wrong on this one.

Finding it’s way into America is not hard.  All it takes to turn new converts into terrorists against their own country is a reason.  Young people today are already so befuddled.  Look at Virginia Tech.  This boy didn’t even have a good reason.  What if he had?  What if he had planning, training, and indoctrination.  There are many people running around that could be seduced by this and the latest news coming from European intelligence is that terrorist groups are seeking to recruit U.S. and British nationals because they have no problems traveling back into the United States.  That’s the word for today.