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I posted a message earlier about Khalid Yasin, the radical Muslim preacher who has used derogatory terms to describe gays and lesbians as well as his constant hateful preaching about western culture and people. In light of Geert Wilders being prosecuted for hate speech, I think it is fair to say that men like Yasin should be further barred from entering the country. After all, it’s only fair.


Yasin is not the only man who needs to be silenced. Dutch Imam, Amhed Salam has been credited with such offenses as, refusing to shake the hand of the Dutch Immigration Minister because she was a woman and telling all Muslims in Holland that they must not pay taxes in order to harm the Dutch state. But, apparently, these crimes are much less offensive than what Geert Wilders has done by warning his countrymen about the dangers of Islamisation. While Geert will be standing trial, it is almost guaranteed that these men will be walking free and continuing their true hate speech.

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Ahmed Salam, the radical Imam from Tilburg, Holland who outraged a significant part of the country’s population in November of 2004 when he refused to shake the hand of then Dutch Minister of Immigration Rita Verdonk, on the religious grounds that he would not touch the hand of a woman, has not moderated his radical Islamist agitation.

This despite having taken a integration course paid for by the Dutch government.

In fact he is stepping up his campaign.

Salam, who only speaks Arabic though having been in the country for over 15 years, was reported by the Netherlands based Brabants Dagblad as having called upon his followers, “Do harm to the Dutch state, don’t pay taxes.

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If the Dutch government is going to prosecute Geert Wilders for his stance on radical Islam, or Islam in general, they should review a few other cases as well. Please comment if you know of someone else that Holland needs to prosecute in the fashion that Geert is being sought after. I am sure there are many MORE appropriate examples!


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  1. In the next video you can see how Dutch MP Harry van Bommel, member of the third largest party, calls for an intifada amidst an agressive crowd chanting anti-semitic sentences like ‘Hamas Hamas, all Jews to the gas’ and ‘allah akbar’. This was recorded during a anti-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam january 3.

    This man is obviously calling for civil disobedience and agression towards Israeli civilians. Why is this man not tried for hate speech and insulting? He is doing exactly thát for which Geert is being accused of doing.

    Seems like a perfect candidate to prosecute.

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