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Welcome to the Flaming Blog’s new Flame-opedia. Here you’ll find information on terrorist groups, radical Muslims, and anything else you might need to know to follow the news these days. If you find yourself asking, “What the heck is a Mujahideen anyway?” this page is for you. The Flame-opedia is a work in progress and you can always leave a message if there is something you’d like to read about!


Just what is a Mujahideen anyway?

Hizbu’llah, Hezbollah, or Hezbullah! Which is it?



  1. HI i love ur website.

  2. If you go on this website please go on to There you will find Fred videos a google map etc.


    P.S. This website is awesome. Help support Geert Wilders.

  3. Thanks Warren lol 🙂

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