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Here is an interesting video. Hate speech is illegal in Britain, yet it is fine for this bunch to shout “Nuke Denmark” or “May they nuke Denmark so we can take their wives as booty!” But it is NOT fine for a democratically elected politician from a neighboring, peaceful country to come to the country to have a private showing with the British house of lords. Yesterday was a sad day for the west and a sad day for Europe.

Geert Wilders found himself detained and shipped back to the Netherlands without being able to meet with the house of lords though he was invited.

His presence was described by British Foreign secretary, David Milliband, as shouting fire in a crowded building. This horrible analogy doesn’t apply as the Brits will soon come to discover. The reason? It is an even greater crime to not shout fire in a building when the building is actually on fire. Wilders IS shouting fire while Europe burns and the rest of her citizens walk around in politically correct induced comas. Support Geert Wilders and continue the fight for the west. Those of us sitting in our homes thinking that a worldwide caliphate is some sort of unfunny joke might wake up one day to find that it has crept in all around you and there is nothing else you can do about it. It is an assault on the unbeliever. It is not an assault by some poor dejected would-be members of society. Wake up! We are sounding the alarm. There is a wildfire raging in the West and there are few of us willing to fight it.

See Usama Bin Laden’s December 2001 video: ““I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.”



  1. I had not realized the extent of muslim extremism in europe. I will do all that I can to help. Do not loose heart. Fear nothing when you are in the right.

  2. Islam is already infiltrating schools and the government here. Pro-Islam propaganda videos and brochures are showing up everywhere. Congressmen are converting to islam, I am sure in exchange for leadership rights, as muslims plan to overun the government. We are preparing at this moment to push them out, Chuck Norris is on board also. Many of the prisoners in prison were converted to islam and they have a extreme hatred of America. Europe is seeing the worst because they do not have a way to defend themselves, we still have the right to bear arms, and if it comes to it we can still take back our country. People fight Islam like the plague, they will stop at nothing to enslave us.

  3. european policy and privacy issues will be covered at the asset protection conference after the attorney seminar stephen sears irvine.

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