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 Welcome to Wildfire!

The purpose of Wildfire! is to take things a step further.  So, you ordered the book on Amazon and it’s sitting on your bookshelf.  Now it’s time to take it off.  Wildfire is all about the knowledge.  It’s great to read books like The Kite Runner, but Wildfire! is about getting seriously armed with the facts.  In this day and age, we can’t afford to ignore those scary little things called facts.  Comments and discussion starters will be added to the Wildfire! section for each book we read.  Feel free to strike up a conversation on the ideas that were most important to you!  The Flaming Blog’s most important challenge is to get Americans informed and engaged.  Armed with the facts we can start to put out the wildfires that threaten to overtake our country, democracy, and liberties.  New readers are always welcomed!

Current books:

While Europe Slept

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