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Cartoon protests in Holland

Cartoon protests in Holland

This is definitely a hard hitting video. Geert talks about the Islamisation of the Netherlands and towards the end, there are great comments by Pat Robertson about the Dar al-Islam, the house of Islam or house of submission. You are either in the Dar al-Islam or you are in the house of war.

I have had friends visit the Netherlands and they tell me they never see any of these things, but the truth is, this is the same thing you’ll see in Paris. Where tourists typically dwell, you do not see the things behind the curtains. I think of it as an entire country putting on a massive show, keeping their dark secrets hidden away while they fester and grow into cancers that are soon beyond a cure. This is a great video. Wilders is an advocate for Jewish and Christian culture though not being a Christian himself. Some may find that hard to accept, but Wilders is fighting the good fight whether he is or not.


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