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I have heard some people say things like, “I am not that into politics.”  I find this a truly American point of view.  We are rarely on the fronlines of any conflict, so political issues and world tensions are a sort of hobby as opposed to something we need to know about before leaving the house every morning.  It is the beauty of our society in a perfect world, but in times like these, we all need to force ourselves to get “into” politics and world events as much as possible.

 In the Reading Room, you’ll find what I believe should be required reading for all Americans and a few things to keep the flame of patriotism and love for one’s country going.  Afterall, if the people who live in the greatest nation on earth can’t be proud of their country, then there is no hope for the rest of the world.  Click on the book picture to check it out at!

Books that should be required reading:

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within
by:  Bruce Bawer

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This amazing look at western Europe’s systematic infiltration by Islam is astounding.  In 1906 there were 54 Muslims in the Netherlands.  As of 2004, the numbers have skyrocketed at nearly a million.  For the cultured, latte-drinking Ameripean, this is probably of no great concern, but when you consider the fact that nearly half of these new immigrants do not disdain terrorist acts and many were willing to participate in them, I think a new appreciation for the situation can be grasped.  The politics of multiculturalism in Europe have vastly sought to undermine democracy and free speech.  European politicians condemn things like the Mohammed cartoons while turning a blind eye to Christian churches and Jewish synagogues being burned or vandalized.  The picture While Europe Slept paints is priceless.  Unfortunately, there are so few willing to speak the truth or even acknowledge it when it slaps them in the face.  To their credit, in this society where the individual is praised, no one is willing to risk saying the wrong things.

The Suicide of Reason: Radical Islam’s Threat to the West
By: Lee Harris

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Since reading The Suicide of Reason, I am really marveling at what a gift this nation was.  How an unorganized militia comprised of farmers could defeat the world’s greatest power of the time, how we went on to become a strong nation founded on Christian values and the largest givers of the world.  America has a grand place in history and we should recognize that we are fortunate to live here and not in places where our freedom to be Christians, individuals, or even dissenters is not a life-threatening idea.  Americans are sitting around thinking that the infrastructure that we are accustomed to is always gonna be the same.  That we are always going to be able to sit down at a Starbucks and chat about ideas without being threatened (but in a way people already see the light but don’t acknowledge it because they are not willing to talk openly about anything that ventures out of the status quo).  As long as it falls within the scope of what is acceptable about Islam it is ok.  A major Caliph of some centuries ago said, “Nations are born, they flourish, and then they die.”  Our world and borders seem so clear these days.  Perhaps that is a misconception we should abandon before it’s too late.

America: The Last Best Hope
By:  William Bennett

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Fall inlove with your country again.  Remember that it was once close to your heart (or if you’re like me, remember why it is already dear to your hear) and why we should thank God every day for having the priviledge to live in this near paradise on earth.  America: The Last Best Hope begins with simple voyages across the ocean to the New World that turn out to be amazing stories of danger, betrayal, luck and power.  William Bennett writes the story of America as if she is a tender love that deserves your love and adoration.

 More to come . . .


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