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I am hopefully going to be posting an in depth look at the differences and links between the various Islamic terror and political (also known as terror) groups soon. So if you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between Hamas, the Mujahideen, and Hizbollah, I hope you’ll check back soon. I also hope to cover the details of their actions and interests. Some groups want Israel gone, some groups have more global exploits. Until then, I hope you’ll keep up with the recent attacks in India. The Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility. Go figure!

Click on the pictures below to link to some news stories:

It’s been a rough week for the people of India. 45 people have been killed and more injured. The Mujahideen has claimed responsibility and it’s almost certainly over the polling a few days ago. Indians went to the poll to confirm their interest in Nuclear ties with the United States. . . smart people. However, they are paying for that vote now. These attacks came almost instantly after the votes. References have been made to other issues that the group would be frustrated over, but it is clear the message they are sending. This time it was too much. This is the real problem. For instance, Hamas touted itself as a political group. Well, political groups change things politically. Unfortunately, this only works for them if they are having their way. “If you guys give us what we want, we’ll play by the rules, but the minute you vote against our agenda or make agreements with the west, we’ll kill you.” All of these groups need to make it plain to the rest of the world, whether they are a terrorist group or a political group, it’s already clear to me but there is a lot of retardation going on in the rest of the world. We need to pray for India. I don’t know that they have the ability to fight this problem seriously. The other interesting thing is that they will almost assuredly be in more conflict with Pakistan over this. We just have to wait and see.

Here are more photos:


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