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Pat Condell is a liberal activist for many issues including gay rights and freedom to worship. He is stunned by the Geert Wilders situation, and puts the issue into perpective.

This is an awesome statement! Thank you Pat Condell! Here is one place, one issue, one concern where liberals and conservatives definitely have a common ground. Freedom has been bred into the culture of the west, however, our forefathers had to fight for it. Now, we again, liberty’s children, must make a stand like those great men and women have throughout history. Please stand up and support Geert! Don’t be silent. Every time we remain silent is a retreat. The only thing that can happen when we retreat, is that the enemy advances!

Thanks to one of my facebook friends for sending this video around!



  1. It’s not wise to prosecute Wilders, I agree but maybe you better ‘stand up’ for people who deserve it the most.

    As Voltaire said: ‘I disgust what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it with my life’

    Do you know:
    – Wilders wants the Quaran to be forbidden?
    – Wilders asked the Minister of Justice for keihard (pebblehard) police action on a Pro Gaza demonstration against Israel, because of antisemitic slogans
    – Wilders wants leftwing political websites like indymedia to be forbidden because radical animal rights groups may use them as ‘soundboards’
    – Wilders wants the speaking of other languages then Dutch in government buildings to be forbidden
    – Wilders wants burques and niquabs forbidden
    – Wilders asked the minister for several preaching bans for imans
    – Wilders asked the minister to forbid a solidarity demonstration for the Greece leftwing movement during the riots in Athen
    – Wilders asked for the resign of Doekle Terpstra only for his view on Wilders

    Wilders is an angry and above all scared man, with a great rhetoric and performance. I’ll like him as a phenomenon, but please do not make him bigger as he is.
    He deserves our support for the freedom of speech but our criticism at the same time

    Raymond Franz

  2. I think most of that is central to a belief that Islam is actually a dangerous ideology that does not exist in the same space as freedom. To have freedom is to be without Islam, which means submission. How can you be free if you are forced to submit?

  3. Your answer is a contradict in terminus.

    As soon as you declare freedom only to fit for yourself and do not want to fight for the freedom of those you hate most, you are not a child of Enlightment anymore.
    I do not submit, you do.

  4. Your logic is flawed. If there are two creatures in a room and one wants to eat the other, it is in the interest of the one in danger to limit the abilities of or get rid of that creature. That we should be so “enlightened” that we sit around thinking that all cultures are created equally while cultures are literally invading ours rather than coming and accepting our culture, then we are up for a death sentence. Sane people realize that peace is achieved in only three instances, when there is mutual cultural respect (which has never happened and so far in modern history, Islam has been the biggest offender in cultural disrespect), subjugation, or submission. And the last two are one in the same. The end game is always the same. Islam is an ideology that preaches hate and intolerance, yet the West is supposed to sit there and take it, accept it and move on losing more and more of our freedoms. While your argument in a perfect world might make sense, I think you and I both know, it doesn’t in this case, not in the slightest. I am not a cultural relativist, and people who are, are just plain ignorant of the truth or ignoring it all together.

  5. Interesting you said “literally invading ours” while your invasion in Iraq took the lives of 650.000 (Lancet count) human beings from the start. Strange use of the word literally.

    And by the way: I am no Muslim and I won’t accept ‘your culture’ of violating freedom in the name of freedom as well. I will stand up against it. What are you gonna do about people like me?

    If there is ONE Western culture (and there isn’t and I am not a relativist either) then it will be a culture of Freedom for all, no mather what background, religion or political believes.
    I stand up for the right of Geert Wilders to say want he wants but I wonder if he will
    for mine.

    And this Western coalition of real Freedom is strong. We beated nazisme, fascisme and communism with it and we will take care of political Islam as well. By freedom.

    Please, don’t slaughter our chicken with the golden eggs

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