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Category Archives: Flaming Blog Notes

The Flaming Blog is a growing site with a lot of great information to share with the world on controversial topics that most people avoid these days. The goal of this blog is to spread the wildfire, let people know the things that are happening in our world. The main focus of the blog is Islam and its affect on the west. Anyone interested in becoming a contributor to The Flaming Blog would be asked to make regular contributions (at least three times a month) on topics that focus on this subject. Contributions can be posted articles with your personal comments on them so you do not need to write a full article each time (unless you choose to). We LOVE youtube videos, so posts on relevant videos are always great for posting. Posts on relevant books and other information is also great. The main goal here is to get people engaged and learning about the subject matter being presented. We also want to spread the news that the main stream media seems afraid to touch!

The Flaming Blog aims to support those who are fighting against the Islamization of the West, like Dutch politician Geert Wilders, but he is just one soldier in this battle. We want to know about others and things that are going on all over the world. The site’s main language is English, but people from any country are welcomed. If you are interested, please email If you are interested in sharing original content you’ve written but do not wish to become a contributor, please email content to

Site suggestions for improvements are also welcomed!


In my attempt to compile a massive amount of information for my personal resources, I decided I might as well share it with those who are interested. Like G.I. Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle.” The other half is the actual battle, but we’ll worry about that part later.

Please click the link to visit the Flame-opedia to find out new information about terrorist groups and nutty Islamist leaders! Please leave a comment if you have added information or if revisions are needed! All help is appreciated.