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I don’t even have to say anything.  Watch this bit for yourself.  What I will say is that we need to be clear on the fact that there is a lot of “See no evil, hear no evil” (but oddly enough a lot of speaking evil) in the media today.  The NYTimes, a paper that supported Algier Hiss even after the undeniable mountain of evidence was presented that he was a soviet spy, has rejected John McCain’s Opt-ed piece.  Don’t think I’m upset about John McCain’s trials with the NYTimes.  It is just representative of how the left wing media is writing history.

The Pin-pricks of Progression

We are facing dire times these days.  All the signs are there for anyone to read, and no one seems to be paying attention.  Headlines have a sort of foreboding.  I read that Iran is spreading “missionaries” around the globe to convert people (Africa, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Syria . . . ).  I see that a radical Imam is sponsoring an ad campaign on NY subways in an attempt to convert people to Islam.  Yet, when one puts forward the case that Islam is going for world domination, people say, Islam will never unite.

The EU has united much of Europe and now Nicholas Sarkozy, president of France has created a Mediterranean Union.  While these things do not present a United Federation of Planets style government off the bat, they do spell ugly for the future.

Consider this, as these countries get more and more tied in politically falling under one shroud so to speak, isn’t it logical to think that this makes taking over or influencing these governments all the more easy?  Consider this, radical Muslims have taken the long term approach.  Muslim youth have been sighted, walking around the streets of western Europe wearing shirts that say “2030, that’s when we take over.”  If you watched the video above (which I highly recommend), you see that this Islamic leader does not say that this goal of global domination will occur soon.  He says it will not come in our time.  They have long term planning and we can’t even fathom that there is a real threat so we don’t plan.  I’ll also point you to notice that he is not saying that America must pay for what she has done to Islam, he is saying that the reason for Jihad is to spread Islam, to make all bow down and say that Allah is the only God.  I could show this to 100 Liberals and maybe get .5 inquiries to find out further.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  Half the time Conservatives don’t want to be bothered with the messy details either.

Europe has been increasingly falling under the seduction of Islam.  A lack of cultural integration and the all together blinding of the British, French, Norwegian, Dutch, and Spanish populations has caused a lot of problems we don’t even hear about in the U.S. Media.  If you haven’t watched Fitna, scroll down the page and watch it.  It is unsettling.  Shouldn’t we be thinking critically about this.  As one book advised, “Trust in God but lock your car door.”  Sure we’ll offer an olive branch of peace, but just know that there’s an M-16 behind it if you choose to make any sudden moves.  Perhaps this is a catch-22.  Some people say that if we take that sort of approach, people don’t trust us.  It’s sort of like inviting your guest to tea and hiding all the silverware.  Then on the other hand, if your guest has stolen the silverware or blown up the refrigerator, I think you’d better take a more active stance.

In the U.S., we don’t even want to plan for it.  I wonder if Obama is the next president.  Perhaps Nouri Al-Maliki sealed it for him two days ago when he agreed with Obama’s phased withdrawal (Funny how bringing the troops home on day one beat Hillary Clinton’s phased withdrawal plan).  It sure is shaping up to look like it.  Four more months . . . less than that actually.  Three more.  And we’ll see.  Even editorials posted on the Middle Eastern Times have said that Iran is holding off major actions because it might send America to the polls to elect another Republican, specifically the Republican that will hit them where it hurts.  If this is true, what can we expect, day one, of an Obama presidency.  I am the first person to hate to be down on the guy, but his policies look like curtains for America.  This is not as far fetched as it seems.

In Holland, a country that prided itself on personal freedoms, same-sex couples have reported fear at being seen holding hands.  Women who’ve been raped by Muslim males were told by their aggressors that it was their fault for wearing such clothing.  Those same women are told by the police, “Go home.” Britain has allowed over 70,000 court cases to be tried under Shari’a law.  In a sovereign nation of laws, they have allowed someone else to come in and make the law.  Last year, Iran hung three men accused of homosexuality.  France has had an increase in violent anti-semitism and hotspots in the poor areas of Paris popping up as little Shari’a strongholds.  Perhaps that is why they elected conservative President Sarkozy.

Perhaps this is all nothing, but somehow it doesn’t seem like nothing.  The minute we leave Iraq, the real trouble beings.  If I’m wrong, that is fine with me.  I’d rather be wrong on this one.

Finding it’s way into America is not hard.  All it takes to turn new converts into terrorists against their own country is a reason.  Young people today are already so befuddled.  Look at Virginia Tech.  This boy didn’t even have a good reason.  What if he had?  What if he had planning, training, and indoctrination.  There are many people running around that could be seduced by this and the latest news coming from European intelligence is that terrorist groups are seeking to recruit U.S. and British nationals because they have no problems traveling back into the United States.  That’s the word for today.


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