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Watch this video to understand a bit more about Geert Wilders and why he is doing what he is doing–at great personal risk to himself.

Great lines from this video:

“Islam is not like another leaf on the tree of religions. It cannot be compared to Judaism or Christianity. In fact, Islam is a totalitarian ideology with no room for anything, but Islam. So it should be compared more with other ideologies like fascism or communism that are exactly the same. And if you speak like that, a lot of people sense that you are right and a lot of people support you, but of course, it’s not politically correct and the majority of the people who are in politics, are in the media, or are intellectuals–it is far easier than to go into a debate with you about really what you mean and what you stand for and label you as some kind of idiot.”

“Our society is changing and it’s not like in the past where of course you remember, we had two more Islamic invasions in Europe in the past . . . but today unfortunately it’s not a conventional war. It’s a war that’s being fought through demographics, through mass immigration.”

“They said, ‘Wilders, you should not make that movie [Fitna].’ Even the Dutch government investigated legally if it was possible to forbid it before [it was released]. Muslim organizations took me to court to outlaw it before and they are still taking me to court today.”

“I also wrote an article in the Dutch press saying, “What if I would have said that I was planning to make a movie about the Bible? What would have happened? Would there be mass demonstrations? Would our embassy be in danger? Would there be the burning of puppets representing me or the Dutch flag? Would the Dutch minister of Foreign affairs warn all the embassies abroad? Would there be demonstrations in Afghanistan against the movie Fitna? Of course the answer is no!”

“The Dutch government consists of cowards like many of the governments in Europe.”

“I always say the biggest disease we face in Europe today is cultural relativism, that people believe, and this was the policy of the Dutch government until today (meaning still today), that all cultures are equal. All cultures are NOT equal.”

“I hope the United States doesn’t wake up one day and say ‘Who the hell lost Europe?’ Who lost Europe in the process? Because, once again, the culture that is based on Judaism, Christianity, Humanism, on the foundations of Jerusalem and Rome are gone and [turned] Islamic, it’s lost . . . and don’t think what we thought a long time after 9/11, that what happens on one continent, cannot happen on the other continent . . . if you don’t help your European friends that DO stand up against Islamisation, it will come to America even more than it is today. So, be stronger against the Islamisation! Fight against the jihad! Fight against the Shari’a! Fight against immigration from certain countries, the founding of Islamic groups and institutions in your country. It is all happening today and even though I have a lot of respect for my American friends, I don’t see the sense of urgency within the American political elite today either, with of course one or two exceptions.”

“Know about the concept of takia, that Muslims can lie are allowed to lie, sometimes even according to the Qu’ran even ordered to lie and when they are getting stronger, when the Islamic culture is being more dominant, it doesn’t even have to be a majority of your country, your country WILL change. You will lose your freedom, you will lose your freedom of speech. You will lose everything.”


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