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Sean Hannity speaks with a man who has visited several of these training camps in the United States. There are up to 35 of these training camps across America. Some locations are in New York, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and as far west as Washington State. These groups continue to exist because federal and state laws protect them. It is pretty unsettling. These groups are a part of an organization called Muslims of America or Jamaat Al-Fuqra. Watch the video at Videos.

The alleged leader of these groups is Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani (Mubrik Ali Shah Jilani). He is thought to be responsible for setting up journalist, Daniel Pearl, to be captured and beheaded.

Click here for more information about Muslims of America.

You can find information on the original documentary from The Christian Action Network here.



Apparently Pakistan, in the interest of “peace” has decided to abandon the people of the Swat Valley to the hands of the Taliban. While they are hoping this will bring peace, they are making this deal at the expense of defenseless citizens. Women, children, and those who oppose this way of life now have no hope and no way out.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — The government agreed to impose Islamic law and suspend a military offensive across a large swath of northwest Pakistan on Monday in concessions aimed at pacifying a spreading Taliban insurgency there.

The announcement came after talks with local Islamists, including one closely linked to the Taliban.

The move will likely concern the United States, which has warned Pakistan that such peace agreements allow Al Qaeda and Taliban militants operating near the Afghan border time to rearm and regroup.

Amir Haider Khan Hoti, the chief minister for the North West Frontier Province, said authorities would impose Islamic law in Malakand region, which includes the Swat Valley. Swat is a one-time tourist haven in the northwest where extremists have gained sway through brutal tactics including beheading residents, burning girls schools and attacking security forces.

He said the laws would only be implemented when the valley was peaceful.

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This is another of the great concessions that are being made to appease radical Islam (if there is such a thing). The struggle for this valley has been going on for some time and perhaps the Pakistani government thinks that this will be the end of it. Hand over thousands of citizens to the mercy of the Taliban of the Swat Valley, notorious for beheading those accused of espionage and even going so far as to dig up dead bodies and hang them, and perhaps there will be peace. The Pakistani government seems to believe that the goal of the Taliban in their country is NOT to control the entire country. Tell that to Benazir Bhutto

The Flaming Blog posted a YouTube video asking everyone to send a postcard to the Dutch Minister for Justice on Geert’s behalf. We’ve gone a step further in uniting the cause! Check out a custom postcard, already addressed to the Dutch minister. Pick several up at Zazzle and pass them out to your friends! Click on the postcards to take you to the Support Geert store on International shipping IS available!


Card says, "If Geert Wilders must be prosecuted, I eagerly await the prosecution of Ahemd Salam."

Card says, "If Geert Wilders must be prosecuted, I eagerly await the prosecution of Ahmed Salam."

About 10 cents from every card goes to Geert Wilders’ Middle East Forum Defense Fund.  Support Geert and embarrass the Dutch government at the same time!  Please stand up for freedom.  I am sure the Minister for Justice will be red in the face if we swamp his office with pictures of Geert’s face expressing our outrage!

Check out this video of Geert on the Glenn Beck show. It is hard to understand why the Dutch people, the ones who can obviously see what Geert is saying, aren’t offering more support to him. Please check the links on the side of this page, buy a tee shirt and support Geert’s defense, or Click hereto find out how to give your full contribution to his legal defense fund through The Middle East Forum.

Watch Geert on Fox News

After hearing about our fellow western brother, Geert Wilders, being prosecuted in Holland because of his fierce defense of western culture against radical Islam, I’ve decided to come out of the shadows. I often have not had time to update this site, but I think there is serious work to be done! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the information here. Please visit Geert’s Dutch Freedom Party Site. He needs all of the financial and political support he can get. Let’s see what we can do to get this amazingly brave man off the hook.

Geert has spent is his time avoiding the fatwas placed on his head by Muslims from all over. When he produced Fitna he further inflamed the Muslim world where it is death to speak freely about that religion. Watch Fitna and Submission, the film that Dutch filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh, was murdered for. I will try to post some interviews from Van Gogh soon. One thing he said was that he believed he wouldn’t be murdered because he was too arrogant to believe it could happen to him. We cannot make this mistake. It can happen.

The new President, Barack Hussien Obama, is closing Gitmo and Foreign prisons. This has major implications. If someone like Khalid Sheik Mohammad came to a U.S. jail and someone forgot to read him his Miranda Rights, he could WALK. In our country he could be free as a bird to plan more attacks on U.S. citizens. Things are changing and we need to do more then send out the word. We need to organize. Phone flame our congressmen. We shouldn’t let them rest until they start defending the people!

How to contact your local congressman or woman:

Get in contact with a representative! and let them know you are outraged over President Obama’s actions!

Enter your zip code to find your congressman

Contact your senator!

The changes that are coming, are probably going to be changes that make this country a bit less recognizable. Let’s lead the charge! Support our brave European friends like Geert. Stand up against our own government’s incompetence!