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Heads in the sand . . .

I am sitting here wondering if there is a breaking point for Americans, for Europe, for the west in general. What would it take for the west to be concerned. Perhaps we have short term memory loss and we can’t hold major events in our minds from moment to moment.

Perhaps, like so many college aged youths learning about America from socialist or communist professors, the west has stopped realizing what freedom is. What would it take for us to be concerned about the climate of international affairs? I don’t think that question has an answer but I want to start asking every person I meet, what would it take for them to become concerned. At what point would they pick their heads up out of the sand and pay attention to something other than their own internal turmoil of self-hatred?

Somedays it’s so confusing. Here is what really should make your head stick up out of the ground.


That number is the number that should be haunting Europe right now. It is the number that should send Europeans to their therapists. The number that you can’t handle. 1.2 should be very scary to Europeans. That is the number of children per couple that anglo-Italians are having. 1.3 for the Greeks. 1.1 for Spain and that’s not all. Fertility rates of Europeans all over has dropped and some of them, like these numbers I’ve just listed, have reached what has been called the point of no return.

How is this related to radical Islam?

Consider this. The vast majority of people practicing Islam in Europe have not been assimilated into their host country’s culture. They have not become Italians, Greeks, Norwegians, French, or Spanish. They have not learned the language in most cases. They have not adopted an ability to work within the educational system. The ones who choose to send their children to school have all but separated them by requiring separate classes from the “infidels”, refusing to participate in state supported activities such as swimming and track. Assimilation has not been even an afterthought. Not only that, but their ideology is spreading amongst European youths (you know those kind we have over here sportin’ the Che Guevara shirts). NOT ONLY THAT, but their anti-semitism is sparking anti-semitism in these people as well. In countries like Norway, this anti-semitism has sparked previously forgotten white supremacy! If you don’t know your history . . . that’s what they say. You’re doomed to repeat it.

So you have a recipe for disaster:

1.2 + Increased unassimilated Muslim influx + conscientious ignorance of the native western populations = (adpated from the popular radical imam and Islamic president cry) Death to the West!

Why does the lack of assimilation even matter?

When we consider who will be replacing these Europeans that are all but dying out . . . we find America nearly alone in the category of democracy. Perhaps this doesn’t truly matter. We build a strong defense and just let the world be. This is the idea of some. I think others want to go blindly fishing for “nice answers” from our foes in an attempt to bring world peace. Personally, I believe world peace is going to happen at some point. The mistake is thinking that it is happening today. We also need to realize what peace means. Ronald Reagan said that peace was not achieved by two powers coming into agreement but by a stronger power subduing a weaker one. If you can find this isn’t true in history, please let me know.

Every concession was based on the fact that one power saw that it was not going to overcome the other. Perhaps they gave in realizing that in peace, it could rebuild and eventually regain. Yet, all strategic thinking on the part of the west about survival is literally non-existent when it comes to our enemies. Our only concern is about global warming. Another western mentality we’re combating is the thought that having children is for our own self-pleasure. Children bring pleasure! Wonderful joy and spice to life! BUT, children are the future. If we don’t have them, we don’t have a future. There are those on the left telling us to not have children. A woman who had 18 children is criticized when, considering the fact that Osama Bin Laden was 27 out of 56 of his father’s children, this woman should have been praised. Now, I know some people are thinking I’m a primitive crazy! That is so funny. We’ve gotten so enlightened that we’ve forgotten how to survive in the real world. We need some new planet to live in Nirvana because the current one is a lot less accommodating to our flower-child ways. One could argue that the destruction of the family unit is another reason we are failing humanity in this area.

Fly a White Flag for the Gipper!

The U.S. has the strongest military in the world. We seem to be confident that it will always be the case. Perhaps we’ll see. It hasn’t taken billions of dollars in funding for radical Muslims to hit America, Europe, and the Middle East where it hurts. However, we sure have lost the realization that high oil prices are pushing the world cashflow into the hands of those who have the desire to arm themselves to fight the infidel. 1.2 and we’re back to the Middle Ages. 1.2 and an ideology shored up in caves becomes a world ideology. 1.2 and we are looking at the last stronghold. We will not be equipped to deal with the consequences of our conscientious ignorance. I find it amazing, the men that sign up for the Military despite all of their social and ethical training that tells them that every strong muscle in their body should be used to hoist high the picket signs on the door steps of the oil companies as opposed to doing what the American Military does and has always done, protect American citizens and even the citizens of the world. If we strangle our fighting men and women now, their spirit and strength might become the dinosaurs of the next era and the world will look a lot more miserable for it.

Consider this: If peace is achieved through one power subduing the weaker power, perhaps peace on earth is not exactly in our best interest . . . especially the way much of our government is promoting it. If we aren’t the superior power, well be the subdued power. [I am sure I’ll be misquoted on that.]


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