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If you haven’t read a review of this book in the Reading Room, check it out! This is an amazing book and is probably the best possible book we could start with to get a full grasp of the things going on in the western European democracies. This is major because on the world scene we have few allies. It isn’t because we have a terrible foriegn policy, it is because many non-democratic or newly democratic nations have not achieved the same level of freedoms in a number of areas like the media and free markets. While the western European democracies have some of those things in common (though state controlled media abounds), they are prey to the most self-destructive kinds of multiculturalism and submissiveness towards a new kind of enemy. I have, the past few weeks heard comments from seemingly intelligent people like this:

“Nothing like that could ever happen to the United States . . . I mean, come on, it’s the United States . . . “

or my personal favorite:

“When you travel to Europe, you meet all kinds of wonderful people with great hearts. These are good people!”

[Amazingly that comment came in response to me discussing European domestic policy towards radical Islamist and not the quality of European hearts – an all too telling example of how we are already falling victim to some of the things Bruce Bawer talks about in his book.]

As much as one might like to believe in these candyland comments, neither person could back their comments up with facts. These days ‘feelings’ are seemingly as good as facts.

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  1. This amazing book makes it clear why Americans have something to be proud of. The idea that people should strive to succeed and not always accept the status quo is something that Americans take for granted as normal. These are not ideas shared by everyone on planet Earth. State controlled media abounds in many countries that consider themselves western democracies. Citizens support the government’s methods and ideas. Norway simply having a ‘Culture’ minister should give Americans pause. Should the government control our thoughts as well as our lives? In Europe, it seems this is the case. Outspoken politicians like Aayan Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch politician and Geert Wilders receive little support from their governments for supporting the western values of free speech and liberty. This book gave me a definite new outlook on Europe. The facts it presents are easily supported by current European stances on Islam.

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