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I like to keep in mind the story of the man who releases the tiger from his cage and then the tiger attacks him saying, “It’s in my nature.” I think of this when I think of the Saudis. They are what Carrie Bradshaw might call frenemies. While they love us for our money, I am pretty sure they hate everything we stand for as well. This should have been obvious to everyone when it was revealed that most (if not all) of the terrorists in the 9/11 attacks were Saudis. And Bin Laden himself is one of the Saudi’s estranged sons (but why is he estranged – it is obvious the Saudis don’t want to appear to be making waves). With the elections coming up, I am hoping that the next president will keep this in mind. Saudi Arabia is a country moved by money but seduced by a closed religion that you may not challenge. Scholars have challenged and even helped shape the way we view Christianity these days. It is a right of the everyday Christian to read the Bible and see what it means to the individual.

Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid says that this should not be the way Muslims think about Islam. “They say: “We reinterpret the texts.” There is a very dangerous conspiracy against the religion of Islam in newspapers and in what these people say.”(Muhammad Al-Munajid, March 2008

So the implication here is that if you want to believe Islam is a religon of peace and that Jihad is meant in the personal internal way, you may not be able to even have that idea. Though the Koran is very specific about what Jihad means, a person wishing to find his or her own way, may not.

The problem is that they want to open a debate on whether Islam is true or not, and on whether Judaism and Christianity are false or not. In other words, they want to open up everything for debate. Now they want to open up all issues for debate. That’s it. It begins with freedom of thought, it continues with freedom of speech, and it ends up with freedom of belief. So where’s the conspiracy? They say: Let’s have freedom of thought in Islam. Well, what do they want? They say: I think, therefore I want to express my thoughts. I want to express myself, I want to talk and say, for example, that there are loopholes in Islam, or that Christianity is the truth. Then they will talk about freedom of belief, and say that anyone is entitled to believe in whatever he wants… If you want to become an apostate – go ahead. Fancy Buddhism? Leave Islam, and join Buddhism. No problem. That’s what freedom of belief is all about. They want freedom of everything. What they want is very dangerous.

Freedom of thought and choice is a definite danger to such an oppressive religion. If you have a choice between eating nails and eating a whopper with cheese, I definitely think you’re going to make a better choice than nails. These men who argue against free speech (and believe me, they are represented in the west as well) are the cunning ones. They know that Islam cannot be challenged. They know it is a religion of misery that keeps people imprisoned. They have admitted that Islam is not the better choice because they refuse to offer a choice.

Later on in this video, Al-Munajid says that people do have the ability to question whether a punishment is too harsh, say, cutting off one’s hands for stealing. But he doesn’t seem to say they have the right to actually do something about it. And with the consequences and taboos placed on free speech, who would ever speak up anyway.

As a member of the human race, we have to be sad and angry that other parts of us, intended to be Christ’s children, are being seduced and dominated in a way that God never intended. Christ wants you to have a choice, and once you do, once you hear how much freedom there is on the otherside, the choice will be clear. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to believe.

If you’d like to listen to another anti-western video from Al-Munajid, click here. This one is a trip. He goes on a rant about how unclean westerners are. I so feel like I’ve blogged this before (Is that a Dejablog?). It is easy to get Dejablog when quoting anti-western clerics.