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The Basics:

You may hear the word Mujahideen when referring to Hizbu’llah fighters, Hamas fighters, or other Islamist groups. Mujahideen is actually a handy term to know because it simply means ‘struggler’ in Arabic. It is a term used to describe a Muslim involved in jihad. With that in mind, you could refer to any Islamist group involved in jihad, Mujahideen and sound perfectly sensible. So, don’t be alarmed if you hear Lebanese fighters being referred to as Mujahideen. Most likely it will be the case that they represent Hizbu’llah.

More history taken from Wikipedia:

Like the concept and title Ghazi, it has been used in formal titles of Muslim leaders who prided themselves on (and legitimated their conquests by) Jihad bis saïf, holy war in the name of establishing Islamic rule, even at very high political level: no lesser ruler than Sultan Murad Khan II Khoja-Ghazi, sixth Sovereign of the House of Osman (1421–1451), had as full style ‘Abu’l Hayrat, Sultan ul-Mujahidin, Khan of Khans, Grand Sultan of Anatolia and Rumelia, and of the Cities of Adrianople and Philippolis, including the formal title “Sultan of mujahideen”

In English, the word is recorded since 1958, in a Pakistani context, adopted from Persian and Arabic, as the plural of mujahid “one who fights in a jihad”, in modern use, for “Muslim guerilla insurgent.”
In the late 20th century and early 21st century, the term “mujahideen” became the name of various armed fighters who subscribe to militant Islamic ideologies and identify themselves as mujahideen, although there is not always an explicit “holy” or “warrior” meaning of the word.



  1. halo i want to say dat de jihaad is de best ting to doe…dat was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not quite sure what that means, but I think people can find much better uses for their time than slaying typically innocent people. Usually the people who are getting killed are the attacker’s own people.

  3. the real terorist is G.W. Bush!!!
    he is the iraq people, afghanistan people, and others country people killer.

  4. G.W. bush is the exportir of war

  5. I think that it’s important to point out here that, unfortunately for most ignorant Americans, the term Jihad has very little to do with armed combat, and further more, a Mujahid or Mujahideen (plural) is not necessarily a term referring to perpetrators of armed combat.

    Being that the term “Jihad” means (loosely) to “struggle in the way of God”, in particular referencing struggles to improve one’s self or society… Sadly, these definitions do not fit in with the American “War on Terrorism” agenda, and it is very unfortunate that there are so many people spouting off things they “know”, while shitting all over a perfectly good culture and society which has never done anything to harm us (in the West).

    Be safe..

  6. aslaamu caley kum warax matu laahi

  7. ….ya mavlon. save us from ourselves.

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