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Lord Nazir Amhed

From the desk of Thomas Landen on Mon, 2009-01-26 11:16

The House of Lords is a venerable British institution, but what does one get if one accepts Muslims in? This:

A member of the Lords intended to invite her colleagues to a private meeting in a conference room in the House of Lords to meet the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, an elected member of the Dutch parliament, to watch his controversial movie Fitna and discuss the movie and Mr. Wilders’ opinions with him.

Barely had the invitation been sent to all the members of the House when Lord Ahmed raised hell. He threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organizing the event to court. The result is that the event, which should have taken place next Thursday was cancelled.

Lord Ahmed immediately went to the Pakistani press to boast about his achievement, which he calls “a victory for the Muslim community.”

A victory for the Muslim community, but a defeat for British democracy where topics to which Muslims object cannot even be debated. That, apparently, is what one gets when one accepts Muslims into the House of Lords.

Lord Ahmed is considered to be a “moderate” Muslim. The Pakistani born Nazir Ahmed became the United Kingdom’s first Muslim life peer in 1998. He is a member of the Labour Party and was appointed to the Lords by Tony Blair. Lord Ahmed took his oath on the Koran. He led one of the first delegations on behalf of the British Government on the Muslim pilgrimage of the Hajj, to Saudi Arabia. In February 2005, Lord Ahmed hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for anti-Zionist author Israel Shamir. In 2007, he responded to the award of a knighthood to Salman Rushdie by stating that he was appalled, saying that Rushdie had “blood on his hands.”

Lord Ahmed was among the founders of The World Forum, an organization set up “to promote world peace in the aftermath of 9/11 with an effort to build bridges of understanding between The Muslim World and the West by reviving a tradition of Dialogue between people, cultures and civilizations based on tolerance.”

What does “dialogue” mean to those who make discussion about controversial issues impossible? Thank you, Mr. Blair, for bringing “diversity” to the House of Lords.

Original post at The Brussels Journal

I say, the only way to turn this issue on it’s head, is for the west to become a bigger threat than Islam. We need to start threatening riots, and then actually do it. These politicians will be in a conundrum, but perhaps they will make the right choice for once.



  1. I never liked Lord Nazir, but now that I see people like you hating him, I will review my dislike for him

    He is probably doing something right!

    Editor Rupee News

  2. This is an article by Thomas Landen and my comments are posted at the bottom. Hate is not an issue in this discussion. Nazir is a hater himself. He is a “Lord” in a country with Christian, liberty and western roots, however, he is bringing the same old ‘radical’ Muslim intolerance. Anyway, basing your opinion on someone based on other people’s opinions has never been wise. How does one know which side they are on until they are told what to think. Like I said, hate is not an issue (nor did I launch in to a tirade saying ‘Death to him!’) The issue is his fear. He is afraid for everyone to hear what Wilders has to say. If he could prove that what Wilders is saying is untrue, then that would be a different story, but I seriously doubt that could ever happen. Nazir would probably never even argue the facts, anyway. He would just keep shouting about the injustice or how mean Wilders was being – essentially having no defense.

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