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Now this is telling . . .hillary-hajib.jpg
There is a reason why Islam means ‘submission’

Increasingly, American culture has become self-hating. Young people hate everything we stand for (freedom, democracy, free-markets) and value ideas that have long since failed (communism, socialism, anarchy). We see teenagers with no actual basis for their support of people like Che Guevara except that his face looks great on a tee shirt. They walk around not knowing that he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people. These people weren’t killed in some skirmish as innocent bystanders, they were taken from their homes, their jobs, their loved ones, and murdered. Members of the free press were in particular danger during Guevara’s time. A state controlled media would be the only kind acceptable.

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For the young, with a little knowledge and understanding of their country, perhaps we can salvage the values that the Founding Fathers of this country put into place. Unfortunately, there are many adults with misinformation as well. I have had conversations with Americans who take pride in saying that the United States and Christianity are a great evil. They dote on Europe and its culture as if they have none of their own. Amazingly many Americans feel that they truly have no culture. It is almost a disease of sorts. We look around ourselves and try to absorb the attitudes and practices of other cultures in order to find some sort of meaning. This has brought contempt for the things that so many fought and died for to bring this country into existence. I think we should really think about that as we make our decisions in life. Have we truly decided that America doesn’t work? If so, why? Why was Benjamin Franklin wrong? Why was Thomas Jefferson wrong? Why was Patrick Henry or James Madison wrong? There are some ideas whose time has past, but democracy has the potential to last if people understand it.

If this all sounds unimportant, let’s consider the fact that our major political candidates are running under a platform of change. My question is, change to what? Every century has seen the United States of America grow stronger and better as the free markets expanded. Small business is booming. This is not nearly the case in other countries that suffer from government control in too many areas of business. The wealth of many is increasing in the United States and while everyone is not making 100k a year, I think there needs to be an honest assessment of why not. I have watched a person quit or get fired from job after low paying job, drop out of school, and mismanage their life affairs while continually sitting at home and blaming the government as if some how this system of laws was meant to GIVE you happiness as opposed to allow you to pursue it. Starting a multimillion dollar business in this country has been as easy as having a great idea and being hard working. That is the bottom line. Hard work gets the money. As Glen Beck put it in his book, An Inconvenient Book:

To the victor go the spoils, not ‘Spoil those who aren’t the victor.’ If we continue to shelter our kids the way we do, we’ll have a generation of adults who can’t handle the financial, emotional, and political struggles of everyday life.

This may already be the case for many American citizens in lower income areas. The Democratic idea of coddling and making Americans feel as if they need to be taken care of has caused an unhealthy dependency. Just look at the individuals who have made welfare a way of life. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family so I know the struggles people face. Sometimes they aren’t willing to risk, sometimes they are afraid to be left with nothing. Well sorry. The people who take the chance, who lose everything and then work hard to regain it, they do deserve that nice house in the hills. That is the true natural law.


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